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Maintenance contracts

Maintaining the building or the house requires a lot of information based on which the same can be maintained. Managing the building is what we concentrate on we speak about maintenance.

What we deliver being in the maintenance team

  • We agree with you on the terms as to what has to be maintained and repaired if necessary.
  • Any complex maintenance will be analyzed and segregated based on the requirement accordingly defined with the eminent quality of execution.
  • A contract relating to the maintenance is compiled with apart from the same being renewed if required.
  • We make sure that the time allotted and scheduling of the maintenance contracts is intact.
  • We believe in meeting the goals such as safety, quality, and all that comes under the scheduling and is executed with a passion of comfort provided to you.
  • You could also ask for a limited period of maintenance that you decide for based on your reason of requirement.
  • Above all, the finance aspect becomes a vital part to be addressed, which is, and ‘involved’ affect on both you and us.
  • Maintenance includes materials to be maintained, fixtures fixed, and the list goes on. So here we are giving you the data of what has to be done first and making you free from the hassle of finding a definite and completely cooperative staff who would listen and work as per your ideas combined with the strategies put in by the labor.
  • We undertake both planned as well as ‘re-activate’ planning.
  • We serve houses and buildings as well, where a high standard is maintained while doing our job on maintenance project and at the same time meeting the budget.
  • We do tailor the service if required as per the client’s choice, for given the fact that it’s the client’s decision on maintenance since we do it for them.
  • We continue to see improvements in our process based on the feedback, which has kept us on the mark in delivering our section of task.
  • We look into sectors of replacements of kitchen or bathrooms, rewiring done, window replacements decorating repairs, the improvement packages and much more of what you wanted to happen in the process or after the completion of the project.
  • Payment structures’ and ‘time scheduling’ is on top of the priorities while we plan the maintenance and complete it within the process estimated.
  • There is a special team who takes care of the process of maintenance, focuses on the standards and the steps based on which the whole project is planned.
  • We get the best work done when it comes to maintaining the house or building as we internally as well as outwardly scrutinize in order to get to the self-assurance relating the task to be perfectly performed.
  • We undertake customized programs with the assurance of meeting the needs of the business as described by the clients.
  • The intention of segregating the teams dealing with each sector of the business is basically to get a better picture on what those sectors are committed to perform so that the output given by the team is up to or above the expectation of the client which actually results in more clients for business.
  • Quality we prioritse is important, we are in the business for the reason that we get the projects completed accurately and on time!
  • The issues are resolved immediately. So the occurrence of these issues are unpredictable so there is no requirement of wasting time in planning their repairs previously.
The routine in performing the tasks, assessment and finance, property inspections, communication with the municipal authorities and much more including the listing of energy in the course of the project gives us an opportunity to cover almost everything relating to the property and bring you the evaluation of property to the best of its use now and ever.
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