Want a dedicated work force on your project?

Performance Build Specialise in:

People who are looking for maintenance or refurbishment of their home or building always opt for professionals to get high-quality work, and so we create a service that can satisfy all our clients.

About Our Team

Dedicated, Specialist Trades People Bring Your Dream Property To Life.

We are not only to earn money as we always believe customer satisfaction is prior to all.

People living having the option to get work done by experts at an affordable budget.

We have a different team who are working in various fields of carpentry, electrical, plumbing and building.

Our team are experts in their own fields which have helped us grow our business and maintain high standards of finish and customer care.

At Performance, quality is never compromised and so equal importance is given for all type of big and small projects. Teams working in Performance Build are skilled, professional and experienced who carry out even a small task with planning.

Our basic task is to plan and design according to it so that there is no scope for mistakes.

Different materials are being used in the renovation of the home of a building which is like wood, hardwood, aluminium and many more, and so we always make sure top-notch materials are been used.

Our professional team is also available to guide customers who are confused regarding the renovation of a home or commercial building.

We have architects who are able to work in all scenario to come out with best results.

Our craftsmen are working according to local building regulation standards which gives our customers all work is undertaken to the highest quality and standards. Our work is not only about building work as we offer the whole design and build for our customers.

Project Managers oversee on any building work, electrical and plumbing work etc to make sure customers are satisfied in all scenarios. Craftsmen working in our team work very hard and even go beyond their limit to get the wow effect and perfect detailing for any work.

  • New Builds
  • Glass Room
  • Design & Build
  • General Building
  • Conversions
  • Refurbishments
  • Extensions

Why opt for our services?

One of the main question, why people should opt for our services, is the dedication and hard work of our team. We make sure that highly skilled services are offered even for small projects.

People who wish to use extra space in an innovative way can contact us to get the best solution for their problems and use in it effective manner.

Our highly dedicated team is able to carry out all type of interior work with a creativity that can give new look to the home. We are also having a team of highly professional engineers who are able to work out with every plan.

We are one who can even convert garages into kitchens or even living room by our expert’s team.

We are working on all type of budgets and so customers are having an option to get the best all within their budget.

We offer service which includes home extensions {name} and an option to convert useless space in an effective manner.

Many people are in need of converting garages into kitchens, living room, bathrooms and many more.

Maintenance and refurbishments are an important requirement for residential and commercial property and so we have a special team who are best in such area.

Glass extension is an important requirement for people of Europe and so at performing build we also offer glass extensions.

New building projects done by our team makes sure that all building work is done in an effective manner.

We are available for our customers just through a call to discuss the plan further. People can drop an email to our mailing address and even get free quote according to requirements of customers.


Our affordable quotes and high-quality service can make any customer be satisfied with our us. So, be free to call us and get a quote if planning for any new build work, refurbishments and home extensions.