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Today, new build houses are developed and designed to satisfy 21st century requirements (save energy and decrease carbon footprint). At Performance Build Bletchingdon, we have tonnes of experience in the construction of sustainable, modern new build homes.

Our services are bespoke and custom-made to the specific requirements of our construction customers, and their specific website conditions. We can aid with the design of the new build or work from an existing building plan. Using high-quality materials, our building specialists can project-manage new builds and deliver the expected results rapidly and efficiently. We have all trades at our disposal and can provide support on building sites, or take control of the full new build task.

What Are The Advantages Of New Builds?

Greater Specs

Usually, new builds are constructed to a much greater specification than older homes because of modern building guidelines and materials.

Low Upkeep

New develops need low maintenance and will not require refurbishment or repair work for years to come. The majority of come with a 10 year building assurance.

Increased Value

Due to the fact that of all the functions they come with, New builds are of higher value in the market. If you choose to offer your house in a couple of years, the money you will get for your new home will tend to be higher than for an older home of equivalent size.


When you buy an already developed house, you are stuck with a lot of the previous owner’s options. With a new build, you get to select the features and fittings on your own. New build construction gives you a blank page to do exactly what you desire.

Our Warranty

  • Outstanding Reputation
  • Customer Focused
  • Over 40 years Integrated Experience
  • Totally Guaranteed
  • Totally Qualified
  • Building Assurance

Low-Energy Bills

The double glazing and other modern insulation systems used in new builds make the structure more energy-efficient than older houses of the very same size– this results in less money invested in energy bills.

Newer Innovations

New build homes embrace the current innovations and developments. Your new build house will be built with the current best practice in the construction industry.

Maximize Offered Space

New homes are constructed to use every inch of space. Research reveals that about 17% of living space in older properties typically goes unused, in monetary terms this indicates ₤ 34,000 of a ₤ 200,000 house goes to lose.

Sectors We Cover


At Performance Build Bletchingdon, our group is comprised of skilled new build professionals who have actually completed numerous new build tasks successfully. Whether it is a one-off build or complete advancement, our experienced operators are geared up with the understanding and know-how to take on your commercial new build tasks.


We have the workforce and tools to undertake a big commercial design and new build task, even those that include complex industrial electrical systems. We have a combined works team that can manage all elements of industrial new builds.


Our domestic design and build package is ideal for all sort of residential buildings– large residential apartment or condo blocks, student housing, nursing homes, and so on.

Our New-Build Services

Design And Build

Performance Build Bletchingdon is your one-stop construction company. Since we provide all the services you need, we take away the requirement to divide your project amongst different construction firms. We can assist with the initial sketches, all the method to the finishing of the construction. Therefore, we provide our clients with structures, thorough preparation and advancement files, feasibility studies, and create an extensive scope and plan of work. Among our strengths at Performance Build Bletchingdon is the involvement of our customers all through the construction procedure. Our customers provide valuable feedback which assists us provide the new build they pictured.

Architectural Services

The Performance Build Bletchingdon design group is comprised of skilled and trusted architects who supply exceptional architectural designs for various newbuild tasks in the residential, commercial, and commercial sectors. Our design group can also help with preparation applications and consent, building control programs, tender illustrations, and interior design.

Concrete Work

When bring out concrete work for new builds, we use unique makers to transfer liquid concrete through a pump. We utilize a trailer-mounted boom pump, which is remote-controlled and has a robotic arm that positions concrete precisely. Because they can pump high volumes and save you a lot in labour costs, boom pumps are used on a lot of larger construction projects

Construction Services

Performance Build Bletchingdon is among the leading construction companies in Bletchingdon. We provide all kinds of construction services for new build tasks for sports complex, community homes, industrial buildings, new house advancements, and more.


Roof is one part of a new build construction that is very crucial. Roofing systems should be waterproofed to prevent moist issues.

Plastering And Rendering

With more than ten years experience in the construction trade, our plastering specialists and contractors can coat rendering options on residential, commercial, and commercial buildings. The rendering solution we utilize is chosen to match the specific project and budget plan. When you engage us, our team of specialists will be on the ground to offer you what they desire, in compliance with all appropriate building policies.


Our team of engineers at Performance Build Bletchingdon have the experience to provide high quality but economical maintenance services. We provide fast and effective services for all kinds and sizes of tasks, from small residential projects to large and intricate buildings. Whatever the category, we offer our clients with the very same quality surface.


We can manage all piling and maintaining wall requirements. We have effectively provided customers with the technical, logistical, and functional knowledge they need to deliver new build foundation systems. From small jobs to multi-unit structures, Performance Build Bletchingdon can provide whatever piling services you demand.

Painting And Designing

A new build is not total without a coat of paint and some interior design work. Performance Build Bletchingdon can assist with the design of your new build.

Project Management

Our detailed, inclusive and collective management style makes sure the whole process goes on efficiently and the working relationship between all celebrations is harmonious. Performance Build Bletchingdon can manage all the elements of your task, from design and planning to engineering and construction. Our portfolio features a few of Bletchingdon’s finest addresses and includes various new builds and repair projects of small residential flats, commercial units, listed buildings, extension, basement conversions, and more.

Our New Build Construction Process


Following the idea stage, our designers will produce principle sketches and styles and work carefully with you to build the final set of plans for the construction stage. It is at this stage that you can also handpick fittings and fixtures, and the building materials you choose– think vinyl flooring versus wood.


Using ingenious architectural solutions, we establish the concepts design, sketch the design alternative and explore the residential or commercial property capacity. This procedure can take as long as you need. We’ll just move on to the next phase after all the issues have been discussed and alternatives are considered.


At this stage, you can relax and await the final results. Our construction group will start building your project under the supervision of the devoted task supervisor we appoint to your website. When necessary, the construction process initially starts with site preparation and demolition. This is followed by the laying of the structure. Then the actual build. At this phase, we ensure the right individuals, materials and tools are used on-site at all times for a seamless build.


This is the phase where completing work is done– tiles laid, walls painted, floorings set up, interior decor underway and so on, all depending on your favored finish. When your project is finished, we will offer you with a gas and electricity safety certificate and all other appropriate files.

Why Pick Us?

What separates Performance Build Bletchingdon from other construction companies in Bletchingdon?

A Friendly and small Group

Our in-house team of designers, designers, construction specialists and so on work very tough to guarantee your new build experience is trouble-free and satisfying. As a company, we are little sufficient to use the assistance and help you require when needed, and huge enough to efficiently manage your project and safely deliver on a new build.

Market Connections

In our 10 years of staying in business, we have actually built a high-quality supply chain and strong relationships with a great deal of leading manufacturers. We also have the understanding and experience at our disposal to guarantee the health and wellness of your website and new build.

Fair Price

Our service is really personalised and this is reflected in our rates. When you work with Performance Build Bletchingdon, we offer a large range of solutions to guarantee you get only the finest.

High Standard

All Performance Build Bletchingdon new build homes are designed, built and established to the highest standards. We use the most recent products and innovations to make sure your new build offers terrific value. We desire you to be able to enjoy your new build without the requirement for restorations for a very long time. If you choose to sell at a later time, we want you to get great returns on your investment.


The Performance Build Bletchingdon team is made up of knowledgeable experts who have the appropriate understanding to provide a complete new build. We will work thoroughly to produce your vision. We have actually successfully brought numerous new builds from styles to reality. What’s more, our tradespersons are certified to deal with all sort of new building tasks.

Wealth Of Experience

Our group at Performance Build Bletchingdon have actually dealt with all type of building tasks, from massive sites for nationwide housebuilders to small development for local builders. With us, the new build construction procedure will be simple. We’ll look after whatever– the design, planning, getting building approvals and the construction itself. All you have to do is kick back and enjoy your new home.

Health And Wellness Compliant

At Performance Build Bletchingdon, we stick to the rigorous health and wellness requirements stated by the construction industry in addition to all building policies. For your security, we perform our work in a safe and efficient manner.

Our new builds are constructed in compliance with all the relevant health and wellness guidelines and the construction industry stipulations. We only use the most innovative innovation and tried-and-tested systems, along with source materials from reputable producers. We can ensure the new build we’ll deliver will be low-cost, practical, and environmentally safe.

Demand A New Build Construction Quote

At Performance Build Bletchingdon, we provide complimentary estimates. You can get our professional recommendations and ask questions about the choices we have offered for you. Following the estimate we offer, we will produce a quote based on your option of materials and the size of your new projects. Please keep in mind that our price quotes and quotes featured no commitment. However if you pick to work with our group, we will provide exceptional quality results within the job timeframe. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your new build task. Call 01869 905004 or complete our contact form to make an inquiry. We look forward to addressing your question and working on your new build project.

If you have actually already employed designers to design your new house, we can construct it to the highest requirements, following their requirements and strategies. With the aid of our group of highly-skilled carpenters, painters, and designers, you can turn your house into your perfect home.

We have all the necessary tools and equipment, in addition to experience, to perform the styles of your job, down to every last detail. Upon completion, we will turn over to you all the building certificates and a fifteen-year structural guarantee.

This will guarantee that your finished new builds are compliant with the local laws and policies and that your task It’s been carried out according to your requirements.

With this plan, our award-winning architect will work closely with you to prepare the architectural drawings and secure the needed consent from the Local Authority before our group of experienced house contractors build the very best new house to match your needs and way of life.

Our innovative designer can then help you select the perfect house interiors that will show your style and character. We will be with you every step of the method, working to make sure that your new luxury home is perfect down to every last detail.

With our services, you can have a luxury home that completely reflects your distinct and individual sense of design and personality, leaving everyone who views it in wonder.

Builders in Bletchingdon - House Renovation Bletchingdon

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Builders in Bletchingdon - House Renovation Bletchingdon

FAQ (New Home Build)

Building a new home can take anywhere in between 2 or 4 months to reach conclusion. In some instances, it can take up to 6 months, if there is inclement weather condition, construction supply is postponed or if you request modifications during the construction stage of the building.

To get the most worth for your money, you would require to use the home for a while. The reality is new builds, fresh vehicles, depreciate the moment you start to use them. You need to not expect to get your money back if you offer within a year or 2.

Environment-friendly houses typically cost more to build in advance, however the cost can be justified and made up for from the long-lasting savings on energy costs.

New builds are more energy-efficient than older houses and provide better insulation. In addition, new builds are better geared up to cater to the realities of modern life. Yes, new builds are typically much better than older houses.

Yes. New build homes cost about 70% more than resold homes, as stated by national median price information– which returns to 1916. Nevertheless, it’s essential to keep in mind that median rates are not fail-proof since they are influenced by both low-priced and pricey homes and the marketplace instructions.

The life expectancy of a new build is something that is heavily disputed. In 1992, it was stated that new build homes will have a life expectancy of 60 years Today, according to the Local Federal Government Association, some new build homes may last 2000 years.

To identify the specific expense of your new build task, we need to perform a survey of your project site initially. Normally, we run on a hourly rate, but we can change our payment model to fulfill your requirements, the size of the task or your particular scenario.

When carrying out new build projects, we work closely with our clients to make sure their dream home is constructed within their budget plan outlay and a reasonable time frame summary from the start. Over the years, we have assisted our customers actualise their imagine owning their own home by bringing their strategies to life.

If you require a construction company that comprehends how to completely work on new build projects in Bletchingdon, we are the business of option. To get going, call us today.

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House Renovation in Bletchingdon

We Develop Extraordinary Living Spaces

You, your home and the World, we recognise the importance of a beautiful home, and the function it plays on our joy and wellbeing, which is why we work relentlessly to achieve the highest standards. Whether you’re aiming to recondition a couple of spaces, or require to totally renovate your residential or commercial property, our extensive experience of refurbishing Bletchingdon houses implies we can design, build and manage the entire process to help you develop a much better version of your home. We also work along with estate agents and clients aiming to sell their home or rent it out, along with with insurance coverage business to restore homes after flood or fire damage. We have the ability to undertake your task from start to end up, as we utilize a full-time staff of skilled tradespersons consisting of carpenters, joiners, plumbing technicians, electricians, tilers and decorators. They are supported by our devoted group of client service planners, job managers and property surveyors.

How We Work

We always price responsibly, we understand how frustrating it is when something has been overlooked in the quote, so a professional can get the job. It’s not the way we work. We consist of every cost in our estimate so there are no unexpected additionals.

We enjoy to handle projects at any stage. Whether you’re simply beginning and require someone to bring your concept to life, or you’ve got a designer and illustrations but you simply need someone to build it correctly, we will adjust to your needs, not the other method around.

We make it our concern to assist you identify prospective mistakes prior to we even start on website, implying you get a reasonable quote and your job is provided to the greatest quality, on time, in spending plan with very little stress!

Your bedroom is where you lay your head to rest every night, so it’s important it has all the conditions to make you feel unwinded, at ease and content.

This consists of all tiling, remodelling, lighting and paintwork required to produce the best ambience for all times of the day.

We are specialists in creating beautifully designed cooking area areas with smooth surfaces to match the interior of your home, while also enhancing the functionality and ease of access to all of your kitchen home appliances.

The size and style of a kitchen has a big bearing on the value of a property.

There is a growing trend to integrate modern designs into restrooms, and we can assist you accomplish this kind of design, along with the more standard styles. Whether you are seeking to include an ensuite bathroom, produce a damp room or just simply give your bathroom a fresher appearance with more space, we will be able to make it occur.

Performance Build – House Renovation Bletchingdon have the ability to carry out any painting & decorating task within Bletchingdon, and can deal with any design or design that you might require.

Our group consists of the most competent expert painters in Bletchingdon, having actually worked on many interior decorations.

Builders in Bletchingdon - House Renovation Bletchingdon
Builders in Bletchingdon - House Renovation Bletchingdon
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Home Extensions in Bletchingdon


Performance Build are Bletchingdon’s premier kitchen, house extension and side return extension professional contractors. We specialise in a wide range of effective bespoke home extension tasks in Bletchingdon; designed to broaden your space and revive your home, inside and out. With a home extension Bletchingdon, you might make more room for a growing family or include value to your property. Our extension styles are prepared with your requirements in mind and our certified, experienced home extension builders in Bletchingdon can bring them to life in a matter of weeks.


Found a cheaper price? Tell us and we’ll match it

tailored to your every need by our team of architects

so no surprises!

because we’re proud and confident of our quality

Builders in Bletchingdon - House Renovation Bletchingdon
Builders in Bletchingdon - House Renovation Bletchingdon

Cost Effective Home Extensions in Bletchingdon with Performance Build

Why Choose Performance Build?

When you have decided exactly what you want with your extension, you can begin your journey to a larger and better home with Performance Build. Throughout the procedure, Performance Build will offer you with a committed, experienced task supervisor that will address any questions you might have throughout the guarantee and build that you are 100% delighted in the past, throughout and after the improvement. If you’re a house owner in Bletchingdon looking to broaden and enhance your existing living quarters, you can guarantee that Performance Build will turn your visions and paper designs into a truth.

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Quality & Affordable Refurbishment Bletchingdon
We have a team of skilled and also skilled tradespeople as well as construction experts in your location, offering an imaginative eye for information on a wide variety of building improvement jobs.


We specialise in 100% bespoke loft conversion design and also build projects. Our surprisingly economical projects are constructed in just a few weeks, based upon layouts created to satisfy your particular demands. It’s your desire Bletchingdon loft conversion with a minimum of hassle and also an optimum of fulfillment.

We ensure a top quality of service and also shipment for every solitary property and every solitary client refurbishment job. Our client service begins from the very first time you call us, and runs throughout the task and past. Our experienced team of tradespeople always function hard as well as are frequently on the appearance out for methods to boost and for ingenious means to make the procedure more efficient.

When you first contact our friendly customer service team we’ll set up an examination with you concerning your residential or commercial property. We have actually dealt with various sorts of residential or commercial properties and customers throughout the years as well as comprehend that each is distinct. We’ll produce a tailor-made strategy, certain to your property, budgets as well as objectives. Every one of this is based upon a structure of effort and also an enthusiasm for the craft that ensures you get the quality service that you deserve.

As discussed, our detailed plans are created specific to you. We’ll have a total understanding of your allocate the property refurbishment, and also the due dates that we have in location to collaborate with. Having all the info to hand makes sure that we can produce a roadmap for exactly how the home renovation or level refurbishment will function, understanding where problems may occur and also how to neutralize them without wasting time or money.

Our professionalism will certainly aid you unlock the possibility of your residential or commercial property, whether you are aiming to recondition a house to live in, or you have property you want to modernise in order to sell on for a revenue or lease to lessees for a lucrative rental return. We also function with home designers, estate agents and insurer that are seeking to restore broken residential or commercial properties.

You have actually seen why we are deemed therefore a trustworthy, budget-friendly as well as effective building refurbishment firm in Bletchingdon, so currently is the time to grab the phone and also give us a telephone call. Whether you are looking for home refurbishment for a house you stay in, have a flat that you with to lease to tenants, or you have a commercial residential property and require modernisation as well as a refit in order to lease the space or sell to businesses, we have the team that can aid. To set up an appointment with a friendly specialist from Performance Build Bletchingdon, call 01869 9050047 and also we’ll enjoy to start attracting up prepare for your property refurbishment job.

Builders in Bletchingdon - House Renovation Bletchingdon

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Builders in Bletchingdon - House Renovation Bletchingdon

Glass Sunrooms in Bletchingdon

The Various Kinds Of Sunrooms.

Seasonal sunrooms are personalized developed with single glazed doors that use all-natural air flow and also color that can be delighted in all year long. They are however not developed to be used with a conditioning or traditional heating like radiators.

Glass Rooms: provide the home owner with a possibility to enjoy their garden or backyard, without insects, or climate conditions. It is built with solid solitary glazed glass doors as well as laminated glass roofing. This kind of glass room is best for a day or evening delighting in the lovely sight of the outdoors.

Solariums: are exterior living glass garden rooms that are excellent for expanding sunlight caring plants, amusing or relaxing. Depending on the build, they can be used all via the year. A distinctive function of this room design is that it is constructed nearly totally from glass.

A sunroom that gives a fantastic sight of the outdoors is a home function that a whole lot of homebuyers would gladly spend a little bit more money for in Bletchingdon. Investing money on a sunroom is always an excellent financial investment that creates wonderful returns.

Sunrooms are constructed to let in as much natural light as possible. You also obtain to take pleasure in the sunlight’s natural warmth in a sunroom which makes it a terrific relaxation room. Sit as well as appreciate a cup of tea in the early morning or curl up to a good book at night.

{The incorporation of a sunroom to your building, will immediately supply you with more exterior home that can serve different functions. A glass garden room can be used for holding family and also good friends, appreciating the outdoors or expanding plants. Searching for an enhancement to your home in Bletchingdon? Why choose generic or boring when you can have the spectacular for your outdoor living area by setting up a glass garden room?!

Superb Game Room For Kid.|A glass garden room can be used for organizing family and friends, enjoying the outdoors or expanding plants. Why go for generic or boring when you can have the magnificent for your exterior living area by installing a glass garden room?!

A sunroom can make a great play area if you have young youngsters or grandchildren. It is a large room that the younger participants of your family can appreciate.

Whatever the celebration could be, dinner party, a family get with each other, a warm bright glass room, add a touch of refinement to any kind of event. Which is why it is the best place for amusing in design.

Please note, this alternative warms up the people in the room and not the room itself. Using one of these will certainly not impact the colour of your room as they are powdered coated to mix in seamlessly.

Because of a glass garden’s moving glass panel doors, you actually do not need to worry concerning warm. You can improve ventilation additionally by incorporating a retractable roofing shade. You can also include side shades on the outside that comes fitted with automatic sunlight sensing units that track the sun’s motion throughout the day.

The majority of buildings have actually allowed advancement right, so it is very unusual for a permit to be needed before you install a glass room. Don’t stress, if you do require it then we can help you with the procedure.

Yes. All you have to do is incorporate lights, home heating as well as shading options to your winter garden room to make them excellent for usage in all seasons.

A design appointment and also survey of the home is required prior to we can supply a quote as all our glass rooms are personalized constructed. There is no set price for our glass rooms due to the fact that they are tailor-made. Cost is totally depending on the sort of residential or commercial property and design requirements. Generally, our rates for a tiny glass room begins at ₤ 15,000.

To better manage installation expense, you glass room can be created in phases. We can start with a typical glass veranda. You can have this exchanged a full glass garden room at a later day by including extra attributes such as retracting roof, gliding glass panels and also lighting.