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Timescales for a completed Project

For any {building| structure} {project| job| task} {name}, there are {quite| rather} a {number of| variety of} preparations that {need| require} to be done, according to the {client| customer}’s timescale.We {allocate| assign| designate} each {project| job| task} {two| 2} {project| job| task} Managers who {look after| take care of| care for} the {job| task} from start to finish and work {directly| straight} with {clients| customers}, {architects| designers}, {suppliers| providers} and all the trades.

{Various| Different| Numerous} {tasks| jobs} {are dependent on| depend on} the {completion| conclusion} of a {number of| variety of} other {tasks| jobs}, which form a {task| job} chain called a {critical| crucial| vital| important} {path| course}. For any {successful| effective} {project| job| task}, a {critical| crucial| vital| important} {path| course} {must| should| needs to} be followed {alongside| together with| along with} the {client| customer}’s {needs| requirements}; all of which can {determine| identify| figure out} the {completion| conclusion} date and the timescale of the {project| job| task}.

Clients always want their projects to start immediately and sometimes; the projects have a very limited timescale according to their wishes. While this is not impossible for us, it could cause a lot of disturbance to the client, as we may require to consult with the client on every task we undertake.

A longer timescale gives our experts enough time to plan for the renovation project and coordinate the delivery with little disturbance on the clients. In the event that a client offers us a short timescale for their project, our experts will do their best to deliver quality work within the stated timescale.

Steps We Take to Plan and Deliver any Renovation Project.

Before we deliver any project, we first need to plan for it. This may take up a lot of time as we integrate all tasks and critical paths into a series of events. Proper planning helps us achieve a coordinated delivery within the client’s timescale. The preparation process is dependent on the client’s given timescale. A short timescale requires less time planning and more time building unlike a longer timescale, which requires more time planning and less time building.

The planning process breaks down the project into different events and our experts identify the critical path in each event for easier execution of the project. We need time to compile procurement schedules, coordinate tradesmen, and to plan our site works.

After successfully planning for a renovation project to fit the client’s timescale, we then start our site works immediately. Adequate planning will reduce confusion on our site works, as every critical path is clearly mapped out. We then deliver quality work to our clients.

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Timescale Example for a medium-sized Building Project

Design and Planning

This is the most {important part| vital part| fundamental part} of the {project| job| task} and {may| might} {take up| use up} a {lot of| great deal of} time if {planning| preparing} {permission| consent| authorization| approval} is {required| needed}. More than 10 weeks {may| might} be {spent on| invested in} {submitting| sending} the {planning| preparation} {permission| consent| authorization| approval} and {obtaining| acquiring| getting} one. Here is the breakdown of the timescale {needed| required} for the {planning| preparation} {process| procedure}.

On-site Construction

A proper plan will help us start and complete the construction work faster. Here is the timescale required for the construction work.